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About AIA

The American Insurance Academy, was established in 2014 by a group of Insurance professionals with an idea to create a knowledge trust in order to combine traditional insurance education with modern business skills. Our mission is to educate young professionals that are eager to start their career in the insurance industry. Once you graduate from this insurance school you will obtain a American Insurance Certificate of Completion, which is the first step you will take if you decide to embark on a long journey of becoming insurance professional.

You will be learning in fun and engaging way and the knowledge you gain will prepare you for success in your future roles in OIP. The training sessions are held by employees with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as comprehensive teaching skills.

AIA Team

There is no doubt that the AIA will bring out the best in you. Through constant improvement and training, we invest in our students and we set them up for success. Our Study Subjects will help you improve your Insurance knowledge, English language, IT and soft skills as they are perfect combination for you to achieve your maximum as a future employee of OIP.