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How many hours per day will I spend in AIA?

While in AIA, you will be expected to show up no later than 10 am, and you will be having your lectures and trainings till 6:00 pm. During your stay in AIA you will have lunch break from 2 – 2:30 pm, and several more shorter breaks so that you can have some coffee/tea. (Mondays through Fridays)

What will I learn in AIA?

You will obtain all sorts of useful skills that you will use later while working on your everyday tasks. We will provide you with Business English lessons and work on improving your IT skills. Both of these are of huge importance for your future roles. We will also provide you with Soft skills and Business correspondence trainings, which are significant in everyday office life.

How long does it take to graduate from AIA?

On average 4-6 months. Usually, it takes about 4-6 months to complete the whole AIA program and pass final exam.

Is the English language mandatory during working hours?

All of the students and employees are required to use English language only. Reason for this is that all our work and correspondence is done in English. You will be mastering business specifics much faster by using English language while in AIA. Look at it as a complimentary conversational course.

Will I be competing for a job with other students?

No, students are not competing for a job position. When you are done with theoretical classes, you will start your “assigned client training”, meaning that you will not compete with anyone since you and only you are already selected for certain task.

Are you a call center or telemarketing agency?

You can be sure that not a single phone call will be made by you or any other student. We are not a call center or a telemarketing agency. You will not sell anything to anyone.

What is the dress code?

Our general dress code rule is “slightly less than business casual”. If you are not sure what it means, go with business casual for a first few days and then you will figure it out on your own.

Are there events organized for students and employees?

We have all sorts of Team building activities such as: Escape rooms, beach volleyball, Avantura park, Paintball, Bubble football, Fun run…

And we constantly add to this list.

We have annual events such as Summer picnic, Halloween costume party, New Years Party, and we celebrate OIPs birthday in March every year.

What do you give back to the society?

We are socially aware and responsible. All our offices have special bins for bottle caps as we are partnering with “Čep za hendikep”. Also we have organized several charity events with “Osmeh na dar” foundation and we cooperate with “Živimo zajedno” on recycling initiatives. We are constantly looking into how can we give back even more to society.