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Serbia is a country located in the Balkans, Southern Europe. The northern part belongs to Central Europe, but in terms of climate and geographic position, it is also a Mediterranean country.  It is situated on one of the major land routes from Central Europe to Turkey and, further on, to the Near East. As such, it has always been a very important territory.

Serbia is a beautiful country with diverse attractive places. During the summertime, tourists love to spend their time in Belgrade and also enjoy nature in many national parks throughout the country. In the wintertime, tourists are warmly welcomed to mountain resorts. One of the most popular is Kopaonik, featured on BBC as one of the best ski destinations in Europe, along with mountains Tara and Zlatibor. There are also numerous spa resorts such as Sokobanja, Niska Banja and Vrnjacka Banja. According to the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, the most visited destinations in Serbia are Belgrade as the capital, the city of Novi Sad, and the above mentioned mountains and spa resorts.

Nowadays, Serbia is a modern European country visited on a daily basis by a variety of tourists – from young backpackers looking for fun and exciting nightlife to business people participating in different fairs and congresses.

Serbian people are warm and hospitable towards tourists. The majority speaks English, but many people also speak German and/or French which makes it very easy to find your way around and ask for directions. During the spring and summer, Serbia is flooded with tourists from all over the world. People from Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Denmark, Japan come to enjoy their city break. Also, a plenty of Slovenian, German, Austrian, Bosnian, and Hungarian tourists pour for New Year and Christmas holidays.