We are an experienced Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company with specific expertise in the insurance field. We offer you a possibility to let a trusted and experienced U.S. company handle your tasks with low offshore rates.

In a modern insurance business world, it is of great importance to obtain competitive advantage in the struggling market. As challenges within the industry continue to grow in the coming months and years, the effective use of outsourcing will help forward-thinking carriers and agencies optimize their market positions and cement their status as the industry leaders. Outsourcing will separate the winners from the losers in this industry.

 Benefits from Outsourcing in Serbia Include:

There are many well-educated and highly-skilled workers in this part of Europe.

Serbia offers a unique combination of high-quality and low-cost skill-sets. The Serbian workforce is widely recognized as strong business performance drivers.

Serbia offers classical education in natural and technical sciences to its students. Broad knowledge and remarkable logic are being practiced with students throughout higher education. This is a key to the type of insurance outsourcing tasks we provide our clients with. It is critical to exercise judgment and make a solid justified decision.

The current unemployment rate in Serbia is 17.6%.

There are many university educated professionals looking for a stable employment with an operation such as OIP.

European Regional Advantages:

  • Cultural affinity – The people from Serbia have a strong understanding of the Western culture, both on a personal and business level, which makes both written and verbal communication easier.
  • English language- The English language is mandatory through education in duration of at least eight years.
  • Lower costs for educated and skilled reliable staff.
  • Strong math skills– The Serbian educational system is based on strong mathematical and logical background that the students gain/enrich during their entire education.

Business Hard and Soft Benefits:

  • Boosting overall company performance
  • Decreasing expense ratios
  • Detailed processing/reviewing
  • Discontinuing training and retraining day in and day out
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Handling backlogs
  • Improving productivity
  • Keeping business moving round the clock
  • Keeping policies accurate
  • Putting valuable resources to better use
  • Reducing costs
  • Standardizing processing
  • Streamlining operations