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Dear future AIA students,

Thank you for your interest in the AIA. By joining AIA you will be taking the first step in your career as a young insurance professional.

The American Insurance Academy was created with one important promise, which is to provide a strong and balanced foundation of knowledge for individuals that wish to build up a career in a world of insurance business. To fulfill it, every class in AIA is held by subject matter expert. They are passing their theoretical knowledge and preparing students adequately for everyday real-life tasks and challenges that they will face. Students are well prepared and knowledgeable about basics of insurance once they graduate.

Knowledge about the insurance industry is not the only subject our students learn about and develop. We are focused on improving the students business English language skills, spoken and written, and providing them with assistance to improve their overall correspondence skills. Also, we are providing additional IT training so that our students can use technology to their advantage, a crucial skill in 21st century. Last but not the least, all of us involved are constantly doing our best to share business skills and habits that can help our students perform at their top level. AIA is all about passing and sharing knowledge and experiences in the best interest of our students.

Matija Obradovic
Head of Faculty